My Dishwasher Won't Start!

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Why won't my dishwasher start?

My Dishwasher Won't Start!

If your General Electric or other brand dishwasher won't start, the first thing you should check is the door switch. If the door is open, this dishwasher part is disengaged and the washer won't start. When the door is closed, a prong depresses the door switch, which closes a circuit and lets the washer start. You will need to check the door switch with an Ohmmeter to make sure it isn't faulty. If your Ohmmeter test says the switch is bad, you will need to remove and replace the door switch. To get replacement parts, contact your local supplier of Kitchenaid parts or whichever brand of dishwasher parts you need and give the phone rep your make and model number. They will tell you exactly what type of replacement dishwasher part you need, whether it is in stock or must be special ordered. The door switch is one of the most common dishwasher parts to go bad, so examine it first before looking for other problems. You can find the switch hidden inside the 'control panel' of your dishwasher, and is considered part of the door latch. Be very careful removing the wires from the door switch, and don't break the housing.



12/21/2008 1:41:21 PM
Connie said:

I used my dishwasher all the time. A load finished and dishwasher shut off. I went to start another load a day later, the dishwasher
would not start. I researched it and found
out that my make and model (hotpoint) had a
recall with faulty wiring. Just contact 1-800#
for hotpoint and have your Model # avaiable.
I had repair service replace entire wiring harness and now I am up and working. I hope I have helped you!!!


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