My Air Conditioner Is "Leaking"

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Why is my Hampton Bay air conditioner leaking?

My Air Conditioner Is "Leaking"

If you have water gathering around your Hampton Bay air conditioning unit, you may have a blocked drain line. This usually happens after the air conditioning unit has been unused for a long period of time. Any water trapped in the drain line or the drain pan. Mold or algae can grow in the line, and when summer comes around again, the new flow of water from the Hampton Bay air conditioner is blocked by the growth. The drain pan is only an inch or so deep, so eventually you get water overflow.

To stop the leakage, you'll need to clean or replace the drainage hose and drain pan. You can kill the growth inside the hose using bleach. Just pour a water/bleach solution through the hose and rinse it out completely.

To prevent future leakage, inspect the hose and drain pan right before the warm season starts. You may need to clean out the hose and pan once more. You can also help prevent future growth by installing new air filters. Dirty filters cause more water to condense, leading to an increased potential for growth in your drainage system. The only replacement air conditioning parts you may need for this job are a replacement hose if it is too old and worn, a new drain pan if the old one is too rusty and worn, and the replacement air filters.



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