Air Conditioning Problems-More Basics

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What else should I look for when troubleshooting my air conditioner?

Air Conditioning Problems-More Basics

When troubleshooting Emerson air conditioners, Amana air conditioners, or any other unit, the pros have a checklist to eliminate the obvious before getting down to more serious work, which could involve replacing air conditioner parts or doing warranty work. If you are trying to troubleshoot or repair your unit on your own, use this list to eliminate what the pros consider 'obvious' (to them) problems:

1. If you have a working unit, but little or no cold air, check to make sure your air damper is closed. An open-air damper draws in outside air, reducing the efficiency of your air conditioner.

2. Many people forget to remove the air conditioner's back cover in the summertime until they encounter problems with warm air. Check to make sure your back cover has been removed.

3. If you have a window-unit style air conditioner, check the part of the unit that hangs outside the window. Remove any lint, dust or debris that could be clogging up the condenser coils on the back your unit.



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